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Lake View Sauna

Relax after a long day of adventure in our wood-burning lake-view sauna. 

Beach Access

If you love to relax on the beach then Granary Lake Retreat needs to be your go-to vacation destination. Enjoy private beach access while you splash the day away!


Year-Round Fishing

What else could be better than fishing at one of the most scenic spots in Ontario? The incredible fishing at Granary Lake Retreat has been bringing tourists to Blind River for years! With its swirling current, clean water, and wide variety of fish, this iconic spot is ideal for fishing lovers of all experience levels. Granary Lake Retreat is home to smallmouth bass, pike, lake trout, perch, and sunfish waiting for your hook.  

ATV Trails

Enjoy the lush, serene and thrilling trails of Granary Lake Retreat on our ATVs. Experience the great outdoors with trails for every level of adventure seeker! Be sure to ask about our guided tours. 



Are you looking for an exciting boating experience in the midst of nature? If so, Granary Lake Retreat is the place for you. Enjoy your days on the water. Please bring appropriate fenders to protect your boat and ropes to tie it to the dock. Use of our dock is entirely at your own risk, Granary Lake Retreat will not accept responsibility for any damage to your boat while using our dock.

 Marine Toys

If you enjoy riding on canoes and kayaks, then Granary Lake Retreat is your ideal vacation destination. Come enjoy your favourite water activities surrounded by nature. It’s no wonder why Granary Lake Retreat is the best place for families looking for a soothing and peaceful experience coupled with a thrill.

Couple Kayaking
Hike 4.jpg

Hiking Trails

Hike your stress away. Granary Lake Retreat is surrounded by thousands of acres of crown forest with many trails for all hiking levels! Whether you're looking to take a relaxing walk through the mountains or are in search of a hike that can replace your leg workout. With options such as walking trails, ATV trails, and snowshoeing Granary Lake Retreat is a one-stop- shop for all adventure seekers.

Snowmobile Trails

Experience the thrill of flying without leaving the ground on our guided ATV tours. Our tour guide will provide you with an unforgettable experience that will keep you coming back for more! 



If adventure gives you a thrill. Then Ice Climbing is one of the activities that should be on your to-do list during your visit to Granary Lake Retreat!

Seasonal Hunting

Granary Lake Retreat’s knowledgeable staff can point you in the right direction to the best hunting spots around! Algoma Region offers three types of Canadian hunting adventures: small game, wildfowl and big game.

Hunters And Dog

Snow Shoeing

During the winter the frozen lake and snow-filled woods become your playground. Grab your snowshoes and go explore thousands of acres of crown land and take in the true beauty of a Northern Canadian winter.

Bird Watching

Are you passionate about birds? If so, Granary Lake Retreat offers you the chance to watch birds in their natural habitat. Northern Ontario has hundreds of species of birds ranging in different colours and sizes. It’s heaven for all wildlife lovers and photographers. 


Things To Do In Blind River

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